Highlighting unchurched districts

to cast vision for and support strategic church planting

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Tracking church growth

for an historic overview and to plan for the future

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Building a church directory

so that everybody can find a church nearby

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Reports on number of people reached

to show the real impact your organisation has

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Harvest is the first and only software solution for a comprehensive national church database. It also serves denominations and organisations. If you want to track data for a large number of churches, and get reports and maps, Harvest if for you.

Maps that enlighten

Show percentage Christians per province, district, and town; show lcoation of churches.

In-depth reports

Set your own parameters and get reports on historic growth rates, worship languages, unreached areas, and many other items.

Custom fields

Decide what church information you want to track, add custom fields, and you get a system totally tailored to your situation.


The Thailand Evangelism Committee (TEC) in which all Protestant churches in Thailand take part, wanted to have a website with all churches in Thailand. Using Harvest, on www.thaichurches.org they display all churches on a map; show church information in an online directory searchable in various ways; and point out the unreached areas of Thailand through a Christian presence map.

Several organisations and researchers use the advanced features of Harvest to record data relevant to themselves, and to get custom reports on the development of churches in an area, language group or denomination.


Mission Kampuchea 2021 is a cooperative effort among all Christians with a heart for Cambodia. Their vision is to see a group of Jesus’ disciples in every village throughout Cambodia by 2021, whose changed lives make their communities a better place for all to live.

To make progress towards the vision visible, MK2021 launched a national church map using Harvest. Every few years researchers go out to do a national church census and update the statistics. For several decades the church in Cambodia has grown at over 10% a year!

Harvest has transformed church planting in Thailand.  Harvest allows the Body of Christ in Thailand to have accurate and current information which is easily accessible on line.  Harvest sheds light on the areas where there are no churches and helps prevent duplication of effort where there are already many churches.

Dwight Martin

Research Director, Thailand Evangelism and Church Growth Committee

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